Our Outsource services for the Oil and Gas sector

Providing your Oil and Gas sector business with hands-on, practical IT support for your day to day operations forms the backbone of our service, and of our relationship.

As an Oil and Gas specialist, our portfolio of services includes:

  • Applications Management

Full installation, license management, updates and support for all core Oil and Gas sector applications.

  • Data Storage

Specification, design, commissioning and maintenance of secure data storage solutions tailored to your specific commercial and operational needs.

  • Cloud Services

Specification, enablement and management of cloud hosted storage, application and platform hosting solutions.

  • IT Outsourcing

All the attributes of a complete service desk function, enhanced by our unsurpassed experience in keeping Oil and Gas businesses working 24/7/365.

  • Offsite Backup & Storage

Specification, provision and management of secure offsite backups and storage of your data at our own data storage centre, or at a third party enabling rapid recovery in the event of disaster or cyberattack.

  • Security

Specification and implement of robust security solutions, protecting your data against vulnerabilities to unauthorised access, theft and cyberattack.