Our Outsource services for the Oil and Gas sector

We work at the highest possible level of engagement with clients, lending expert IT knowledge and experience to your medium and long term business planning.

As Consultants, we offer clients assistance in four key areas:

  • Strategy/Business Consulting

When locked in to the medium and long term planning of your Oil and Gas sector business, imaginatively planned and implemented IT not only supports strategic objectives: it can also extend horizons, shortening lead times, increasing productivity and lowering costs.

In addition to maintaining regular and frequent dialogue with clients concerning the progress of operations in order to optimise IT wherever this might prove beneficial, we are able to offer long term vision, strategy planning and feasibility assessment to ensure you obtain maximum leverage and gain from your IT.

  • Budget Planning

An IT policy designed to fully support the operating needs of an Oil and Gas business, keep pace with an expanding workforce, retire and update systems in line with obsolescence and evolving technologies, and be able to respond effectively to new opportunities requires careful cost forecasting.

We work with clients to prepare comprehensive cost forecasts, so that these can be planned into operating budgets at the appropriate time.

  • Business Continuity

In any IT ecosystem, there exists the possibility of the failure of a component or system, or the incidence of a security breach.

These threats may compromise your own systems, or those of third party service providers. In either case, their effect may exert significant impact on the ability of the business to function as normal.

We advise clients on the development of rigorous Business Continuity protocols. These identify those areas in which a system failure might potentially cause serious disruption, and put in place measures to minimise impact while the failure is rectified.

  • Disaster Recovery

In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the loss of all or part of a business's IT ecosystem is at best disrupting and at worst catastrophic.

A-TEK Solutions works with our Oil and Gas sector clients to devise and put in place protocols for restoring and maintaining business capabilities following natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, fire or cyberattack.